Quick to deploy, easy to use and with clear recommendations, PxidaTX™ features have been developed with the focus on improving engagement and loyalty within your organisation.

Your HR power tool

PxidaTX is a powerful, customizable employee engagement tool developed to give you deep insights and clear recommendations to help you, your organization and your employees.

With the PxidaTX dashboard, you will get a clear view of what your employees truly want, gain clarity on where to help their career path and discover how your employees measure against other colleagues.

Drive your organization forward with PxidaTX.

Deploy cost effectively


  • Selectable sectors and business survey templates enable you to quickly and easily create an expertly designed survey specific to your sector

  • Advanced analysis of employee comments enables you to quickly understand and quantify the nature of their comments at an aggregate level


  • Easily add your own questions and customize your surveys to get answers specific and unique for your teams or to probe deeper into findings from your previous surveys


  • Surveys are optimized for any device; they look great and are easy to complete on smartphone


  • Re-send your surveys multiple times to the same employees or a new team to understand what has changed over time


  • View clear, actionable recommendations on key areas that really matter to your employees

Pre-configured departments

Survey templates

30-day free trial

Get access to all the PxidaTX features by registering for the 30-day free trial. No payment details are needed

Advanced employee feedback tool without the hassle

Custom employee surveys

Use a variety of question types to build simple or sophisticated employee surveys.

Feedback points

Capture feedback via web, email and mobile application by  publishing directly to social media, your employee contact list or organsiational systems.

Library of surveys

Choose from the expanding library of pre-built surveys that you can use immediatley or re-configure to add your own feedback points.


Change the way you surveys and email communications are show to you employees so they fit smoothly with your own brand. No PxidaTX branding.

Reporting and insights

Easily create reports and drill down into your data with custom filters from a variety of demographics.


Data and security

Our systems use 256-Bit encyption through Amazon web services with all transactions securely provided through Stripe.


Trusted by global organizations PxidaTX drives value by understanding the deep motivations of your employees

pxidatx security

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