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Why Measure Employee Engagement?

Improving employee engagement has become the key focus for many people leaders due to its established link with productivity and, ultimately, with competitive advantage. Before employee engagement established itself as a concept, the focus of most people management strategies and evaluation surveys was on improving employee satisfaction. The widespread use of employee satisfaction surveys missed the following point: satisfied employees may work without complaint and feel that the hours they are asked to work in exchange for their remuneration is a fair tradeoff, but they do not necessarily feel aligned to the organizations’ goals or objectives. They might be quickly lured away to another employer if there is no tying loyalty or engagement with their current employer and its mission.

Some employee engagement software tools have moved from measuring employee satisfaction to measuring employee happiness as the point of difference. Whilst employee happiness is certainly important, it does not necessarily follow that happier employees are more aligned to the organization or willing to put in extra effort. They may enjoy numerous perks, benefits, and social events without really seeing the work, and what the organization is trying to achieve, as the primary driver for their continued loyalty.

Employee engagement measures the degree to which employees feel aligned to the organization’s goals and objectives, how willing they are to go the extra mile or work additional unpaid overtime because they want to accomplish those same goals and play their part. Engaged employees look beyond their paycheck and believe they are making a difference and fulfilling their higher self-actualization needs through their work. Engaged employees are the end goal of many organizations’ people strategies.

The cultures of many innovative organizations reflect employee engagement planning in every aspect of their thinking, from inspirational office spaces, high nutrition snacks, and excellent leisure facilities right through to hiring and collaboration practices which promote and support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Engagement and goal-aligned thinking can even manifest in more charming job titles such as “people champion” instead of “HR manager” or “social media wizard” rather than “social media manager”. This is also reflective of the fact that today’s millennial workforce values enjoying their work and making a difference more than purely financial rewards. Organizations that fail to motivate and engage their workforce will be left behind in attracting and retaining future talent.

One would expect engaged employees to be more productive than disengaged employees and many studies over the last decade confirm this. Engaged employees work in companies with higher shareholder returns, have more trust in their management, and are up to 50% more productive.


Using Employee Feedback to Improve Engagement


An employee engagement survey is a great place to make a start to benchmark the organization’s starting point in terms of how connected and committed the employees feel to their employer. PxidaTX, OSG’s employee survey tool, features employee engagement survey templates that have customizable content, as well as flexibility in adding new questions, to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

Employee engagement is comprised of various elements including pride in working at the organization, communication, training, equity, benefits, and environment. These components are reflected within the survey templates designed for PxidaTX. In addition to conventional surveys, the unique What Matters Most functionality offers additional insight above and beyond conventional surveys to understand which specific components are the most important to your employees and where responses differ. Better still, the What Matters Most functionality can be integrated seamlessly into any survey you design, providing greater insight and offering a new experience for employees completing the survey.

An important requirement for any employee engagement survey is that employees feel confident that they can answer truthfully and anonymously. PxidaTX enables anonymous responses without losing the ability to analyze the final data by any response type or employee demographic you wish to filter by. This can be important in understanding how specific teams, geographies, or demographics differ in their levels of engagement and the possible underlying reasons.

The aggregate employee engagement position for the organization is of limited use, only in terms of constructing the employee engagement plan. The best way to launch any action plan from the survey feedback is to open an honest and open dialogue with employees. In addition to setting up communication channels and working groups at the launch, a “You Said/We Did”-type of internal communication can explain to employees the results of the engagement survey and the resultant actions the organization will take to respond to their feedback.

Further active dialogue can be developed through pulse surveys and PxidaTX’s Timeline feature, which provides the ability to easily schedule a series of surveys with common metrics for employees to complete. The insight and results of these surveys provide further opportunities for uplifting and engaging messaging across the organization as the surveys are completed in waves.


Actions to Improve Employee Engagement

Your final employee engagement plan will comprise of different core elements dependent on the insight and recommendations from your initial surveys. Broadly speaking, a good engagement action plan is likely to consist of actions encompassing elements such as:

  • The approach the organization takes towards clearly communicating its vision and values in a way that is understood by all employees and resonates with them.
  • How the organization encourages and nurtures the personal development of its employees providing the opportunity for career paths to progress without the need for employees to look outside of the organization
  • Fair and open succession planning processes
  • Opportunities for employees engage in organization supported community and green initiatives in line with the organization’s ethos
  • Mechanisms for creating a more flexible and safe workplace with the right tools for success
  • Initiatives to encourage innovation and ideas without fear of reprimand for failure
  • New ways of celebrating accomplishments and successes of all employees
  • Improved corporate communications and news so employees understand how the organization is performing and progressing
  • Investment in regular sport facilities and activity options which can help employees relieve stress and encourage teamwork.


Using PxidaTX To Improve Employee Engagement


In addition to templated, ready-to-go survey solutions for employee engagement that you can easily edit for your specific requirements, the powerful live insights dashboard of PxidaTX helps you identify what really matters to your employees and how your organization performs on those components, with clear recommendations on how to improve. Armed with this insight you can develop powerful engagement plans and then monitor their adoption and reception using scheduled pulse surveys. The analytics capabilities of PxidaTX enable you to filter by different employee demographics to understand how different segments of your workforce are responding to your engagement plan.


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